What a Travel Hacker Packs in His Carry On Luggage

This is part of GlowJetter's 'What's in My Carry On' series where we ask digital nomads, entrepreneurs, creatives and travel industry insiders what they can't go without in their carry on luggage while they are traveling the world.

"I’m usually traveling from Sydney to big cities overseas. Often it’s Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo or New York.

I get an Uber to the airport and arrive three hours before boarding for a leisurely stroll through immigration and security without stress. Sometimes I stop in for a Tourist Refund Scheme GST claim before heading to one of the airport lounges. 

I like to leave the lounge a bit early and head to the boarding gate to take some photos of the plane and surrounds for my online content, and board the plane at the start of the queue. Once I’m onboard, I have a short opportunity to take some more photos inside the plane before the other passengers arrive. 

I normally wear pieces from Zara - maybe jogger pants and a sweatshirt. I like it to be comfortable and warm, as I find some cabins can get pretty cold. In most cases, they distribute pyjamas onboard (remember, I always fly First Class on points) which I usually keep and give to someone later on, or wear them at home. I rarely change into the PJs as my outfit is already comfortable enough. 

I take one large hardcase, and either a small roll-aboard or a backpack. What I take depends if I will be airport-taxi-hotel, or airport-public transport-hotel. Because I normally fly business or first class, I have loads of unused baggage allowances.

My favourite small roll-aboard is from Desley, which has a front pocket big enough for my laptop and handy enough to be extracted for security scanning.

My backpack is from Crumpler, which I also use daily in Sydney. It has a side-zip for the laptop, once again, making it handy to be extracted for security scanning.

My large hardcase is a 2 wheel Samsonite which I’ve had for over 7 years but it just doesn’t break so I can’t bear to throw it out yet. I’ve been wanting to get a 4 wheel roller to replace it.

I also bring a large duffle bag inside the large hardcase, in case I need to buy a lot of things and it comes in handy to make things easier to pack in a hurry when heading home.

The things I pack in my carry-on (backpack or roll-aboard) are, fully-charged battery power pack, charger cables for my Samsung Note 9, my laptop and it’s charger, a mini tripod (to take some photos onboard), a suction phone holder such as a one you use in a car (to also take some photos onboard), and of course my wallet and passport. I don’t bring much more, and I don’t tend to use any products in-flight, in fact I don’t even open my amenity kits most times.

I’m no expert in dealing with jetlag, most of the time I just have a nap when I arrive or when I get home. I tend not to schedule a busy day on arrival or return. Plus will ensure I get a little sleep while onboard the flight, thinking forward to the timezone of the destination so I can start to operate at the new timezone upon boarding the plane."

Steve Hui aka The Points Whisperer is the Founder and Chief Executive of iFLYflat a service helping businesses and individuals to uncover the hidden value of their frequent flyer and credit card points.