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What's In My Carry On — jet lag supplements

We take a look inside the carry on luggage of professionals from Fashion, Travel, and Business. Get the low down on what Frequent Flyers and Travelers pack in their Carry On luggage and what their favorite products are to stay healthy and beat jet lag when they are traveling.

Everything a Fashion Stylist Packs in His Carry On Luggage

Phillip Robert Holmes tells us exactly what he packs to ensure he remains fashionable at all times, even when flying long haul.
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What a Naturopath Packs in Her Carry On Luggage.

Naturopath & Coach Vesna Hrsto shares her essentials for any long haul flight, including a good book and her best herbal remedies for dealing with jet lag.
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What a GlowJetter Founder Packs in Her Carry On Luggage

What does a longtime travel industry professional pack in her carry on luggage when she's travelling O/S? We interviewed girlboss and GlowJetter Co-founder, Emily Doig, to find out.
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