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Travel & Wellness Articles

Travel and Wellness Articles for Travelers. Travel Well on your next trip with our Travel Wellness Guide with features on how to beat Jet Lag and stay healthy when you are traveling. Avoid burnout when traveling with travel wellness tips.

5 Christmas Destinations That Will Really Jingle Your Bells

We round up exactly where to run to these holidays for festivities and real reindeer. These Christmas desinations are perfect for visiting during peak Santa Season.
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Gift Guide: 14 Useful, Beautiful Gifts for Travelers with Incurable Wanderlust

The best gifts are the ones that strike that fine balance between form and function, design and usefulness. Here's our gift guide for travelers, full of beautiful and useful things to go inside suitcases.
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6 Luxe Tropical Islands to Shipwreck Yourself On

Sometimes there’s nothing else for it - you simply need to disappear from the world as you know it for a bit. To refresh. To recalibrate. To bask in some sunshine. To help you out, we rounded up a series of luxe tropical islands you might want to consider shipwrecking yourself on.
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8 Simple Ways to Look After Your Energy Levels Through the Holiday Season, from Thanksgiving to NYE

The gauntlet of holiday-related activities is about to begin. We're tired just thinking about it. Which is why we've devised an all-natural strategy to help you swing through unscathed.
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7 Tips for Surviving a Busy Airport Over the Holidays

The flights are outrageously overpriced, the airport will be way busier than usual, and stress levels are usually running high around the holidays. It’s a recipe for delays, long lines, cancellations and epic emotional meltdowns. Here's our survival guide.
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Why Everyone is Suddenly Talking About Ashwagandha (and why it's great for Jet Lag)

It’s an ancient medicinal herb that’s been around for centuries, used for more than 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine. So why is Ashwagandha suddenly enjoying a resurgence as a trending ingredient across the globe?
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11 Ways to (Naturally) Stay Awake When You Feel Jet Lagged AF

Here, we have put together some of our favorite some natural methods to help you stay awake a little longer through the day even when you feel jet lagged AF, so you don’t look so lame to your international friends or business colleagues.
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What are Adaptogens, Anyway?

Adaptogens are the new trending ingredient in the supplement and wellness space. But what is an adaptogen and how can they work for travel? We explain.
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Our 10 Favourite Images from Instagram's #EuropeanSummer

Not feeling quite ready to let summer go? We have chosen our favourite 10 photos from the #EuropeanSummer on Instagram this year. The vibe lives on.
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Our Complete Guide to Natural Jet Lag Remedies

Okay, we’re going to be straight with you from the beginning: There’s no known cure for jet lag. All the scientists, in all their years of research, haven’t (yet) hit on one definitive thing you can do to stop it happening. But it’s not all bad news. There are still things you can to do to make your jet lag easier to deal with.
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