What To Wear On An Overnight Flight- The Perfect Plane Outfit

Do you remember when people used to “dress up” to fly? 

No, us neither, but we have all seen those nostalgic images of glamorous, hatted and pearled women, accompanied by dapper gentlemen smoking inflight. 

Dressing to fly now consists of leisure wear that is crease proof, moisture wicking with lots of stretch and just quietly we are here for it. 

Taking comfort to the next level and dressing to be able sleep inflight is our latest obsession and whilst some airlines like Qantas and Emirates provide sleepwear for travelers (at the pointy end) there is actually an art to finding the ultimate inflight sleep suit that doesn’t look like your mammas pyjamas. 

So if you have ever tried and failed at dressing comfortably for a flight and found yourself in a pair of skinny jeans one size too small, a business shirt or a pair of too tight shoes, get ready to transform your Airport/ Travel wardrobe and breeze though the flight (and airport) like an A-Lister. 

GlowJetter's Guide To Airport Style (dressing for sleep, comfort and arriving fresh) 

We pulled together some Unisex / Gender Neutral Options so you can take your couples dressing to the next level...

Uniqlo U Plain T Shirt

This T Shirt is incredibly luxe for the price point, comes in every color of the rainbow and looks extremely good, even when slept in. 

Uniqlo Joggers

Uniqlo again with the travel friendly wardrobe option s that are affordable (and available in most major cities so if you find yourself on the road and need to sort out your Travel Capsule wardrobe in a flash, they will be right there for you, on the High Street with their functional fabrics and elastic waist bands. Seriously, whats not to love. 

All Birds Tree Runners

Allbirds make sustainable, functional footwear that wont get you thrown out of an airport lounge, cool bar or latest “it spot” that you can wear all day and night and still have a spring in your step. 

Natural fibres (like Merino Wool) mean your feet can breathe, plenty of colours and even a few different styles t choose from means this lightweight shoe is perfect for any destination. 


White + Warren Travel Wrap

We have written about White + Warren a few times (we are MASSIVE fans) Their Cashmere Travel wraps have cult like status among frequent fliers and A Listers and are like a luxe security blanket when traveling. Neutral tones are best for travel capsule wardrobes but a pop of colour can work well, especially if you are traveling to a winter destination and need to brighten up your look. 

Sleep Mask
GlowJetter Velvet and Silk Eye Mask

Made with 100% silk and Velvet. It's soft and luxe and means I can black out my seat neighbor or unwanted harsh cabin lights. The silk is light on the face, doesn’t crush eye lashes and because it's a natural fiber is breathable.

Traveling can be stressful, so start by eliminating the anxiety that inappropriate footwear, or skinny jeans give you when you are stuck in the middle row of an overnight flight. 

Oh and  for those travelers longing for the golden days of travel, you can always book yourself a ticket to NYC, where the old TWA terminal at JFK has reopened in all its Mid Century Modern glory as a hotel, lounge, food hall and destination in its own right.