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Travel & Wellness Articles — Travel Wellness Guide

Travel and Wellness Articles for Travelers. Travel Well on your next trip with our Travel Wellness Guide with features on how to beat Jet Lag and stay healthy when you are traveling. Avoid burnout when traveling with travel wellness tips.

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight- The Perfect Plane Outfit

Do you remember when people used to “dress up” to fly? No, us neither, but we have all seen those nostalgic images of glamorous, hatted and pearled women, accompanied by dapper gentlemen smoking inflight. Dressing to fly now consists of leisure wear that is crease proof, moisture wicking with lots of stretch and just quietly we are here for it. Taking comfort to the next level and dressing to be able sleep inflight is our latest obsession and whilst some airlines like Qantas and Emirates provide sleepwear for travelers (at the pointy end) there is actually an art to finding the ultimate inflight sleep suit that doesn’t look like your mammas pyjamas. So if you have ever tried and failed at dressing comfortably for...
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ASMR – My New Secret Weapon in the War Against Jet Lag

ASMR for Jet Lag? Sure, it's a little left of centre but it's natural and effective and part of my Jet Lag recovery phase.
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How to Sleep on a Plane

How to Sleep on a Plane ( written by someone who can)
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