5 Reasons You Should be Using Rhodiola for Jet Lag (2019)

Rhodiola Rosea. It’s a potent, adaptogenic herb you may be starting to hear a little bit more about lately, because it's definitely trending. As are adaptogens in general... And all the clever people are using Rhodiola for jet lag.

Much-loved by naturopaths and medicinal herbalists alike, Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen that multitasks hard... and among its many benefits, is gaining serious credibility as a jet lag remedy.

Says natural herb expert, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, in a recent article:

“I haven’t had jet lag in decades... Rhodiola rosea is numero uno on my list of jet lag fighters… (it) enhances stamina and endurance, and provides enormous benefits to the brain and nervous system. It crushes stress by reducing stress hormones in the blood. It makes you feel very, very good and has powerful mood-enhancing properties.”

The immense amount of recommendations from health and wellness professionals is the reason it was forefront of our essential ingredient list when creating our GlowJetter Energy Formula for jet lag.

But exactly how can you use a herb like Rhodiola for jet lag, you ask?

Excellent question. Let’s count the ways.

1. Rhodiola is calming for anxiety

Traveling is forever an exercise in boundary-pushing.

Out of your normal, familiar environment and working to other peoples' (and the airlines') schedules, you’re confronted by people you don’t know from the moment you enter the airport and right through to your destination and beyond.

New smells, sounds, sights, foods and languages are a constant assault on the senses.

Our bodies and minds love routine, and long haul flying is anything but.

That's all before you've even had to contend with your body clock being thrown out from jumping timezones.

Safe to say, all this change has the potential to make any traveler anxious.

But, taken daily while you adjust, Rhodiola’s anti-anxiety properties will kick in to keep you feeling calm and capable of to taking it all on.

2. Rhodiola gives you energy

Though Rhodiola is effective at fighting stress, it is not necessarily a calmative herb.

In fact, it can and does act as a stimulant when necessary.

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps support your adrenal system work at its optimum - when you need to calm down, it will calm you. When you need an extra boost of energy, it will come to your rescue then too.

This makes it ideal for functioning during the times when you need to get a lot done, but you don't want to feel stressed while doing it. Like a duck paddling water.

3. Rhodiola boosts your mood

Rhodiola is a proven anti-depressant that works to produce and preserve serotonin, even in times of extreme stress. It's been suggested it does this by helping balance the neurotransmitters in your brain, much like a prescription antidepressant can.

This leaves you in a much better space for dealing with unexpected curveballs, layovers and the general fatigue and malaise that comes from jet lag.

4. Rhodiola helps you focus

Specifically, Rhodiola enhances cognitive function, working to improve mental clarity, thought formation and focus. Particularly during mentally strenuous and stressful times.

This is a direct salve to the fuzzy-headed, can't-string-a-thought-together symptoms that often come with jet lag and an excellent solution for giving your brain its best shot if you need to walk straight from the plane into a business meeting or conference.

5. Rhodiola assists with immune function

Amazingly, on top of its other benefits when using Rhodiola for jet lag, it is also known to help cardiovascular and immune function, providing antiviral benefits.

As we all know, when we're traveling on the germ-ridden vessels also known as airplanes, any immune boost you can get is a bonus.

How to take Rhodiola for Jet Lag

When taking Rhodiola for jet lag, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Rhodiola ideally needs to be taken on an empty stomach. We suggest first thing in the morning before breakfast. And if you’re sensitive to stimulants you might want to avoid it altogether after noon.

The effective dosage can be as little as 50mg, especially when paired with additional adaptogens and herbs like we have in our Energy Blend.

Because of its anti-anxiety properties, we like to start taking our Rhodiola about a week before departure. It helps with the preparations for long haul travel including your increased workload while you get all your jobs done, negotiate packing the perfect suitcase and deal with any other travel-related tasks that will have you off your game.

Keep taking it until a week after you land at your destination and then all over again once you arrive home for effective jet lag management.