Pack These Two Items If You Are Traveling During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Lets talk about the elephant in the room: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This fast-spreading viral respiratory disease is causing global panic and is changing the way we live, work, socialise and travel beyond all expectations. Coronavirus is moving fast and there's a LOT of misinformation out there that's… also going (eherm) viral. So what are the actual facts? 
This article from the BBC covers the symptoms of Coronavirus and how to protect yourself
The WHO has repeatedly advised the best defence regular and thorough hand washing 
Avoid touching your face
Avoid close contact with people who are unwell

Travel Tips Coronavirus

This podcast from the New York Times “Confronting a Pandemic” 
The WHO have officially declared COVID19 a Pandemic
Which methods are most effective in slowing the spread of COVID19
All travel from Europe to the United States for 30 days (subject to change) 
Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson tested positive to COVID19 in Australia

This map is tracking the spread of the COVID19 virus

South Korea
Italy are all no go zones

Travel Tips Coronavirus
Face masks are not useful
Hygiene is THE most important defence against COVID19
Garlic is delicious, but wont protect you from Coronavirus
You cannot catch Coronavirus from your pets
Most people will have mild symptoms however the elderly and unwell are more at risk
There is no cure or vaccine for Coronavirus
Chinese Restaurants need your support. If it is safe in your city, please support your local business owners.

Qantas Airways have some information for those who are traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus is NOT an airborne virus, so it can't be spread through the cabin conditioning system
Aircraft are fitted with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters
99.999% of dust particles and airborne contaminants are filtered
If you are traveling on and aircraft, maintain high levels of hygiene and avoid touching your face
If you are healthy there is no need to wear a face mask
Do not travel if you are showing symptoms or have a cough or fever

In Short

Coronavirus is thought to be similar to other flus in terms of spread and prevention
Common sense and good hygiene like washing your hands with soap or hand sanitiser, covering your mouth when you cough is what’s needed right now. 
Wearing a face mask is a waste of time and resources. Please don't wear a facemask unless you are actually sick. 
The symptoms are flu like and include - fever, a dry cough, shortness of breath and in most cases are mild. Many people experience no symptoms, especially if you are young and healthy. The elderly and people with compromised immune systems are most at risk. 
There is currently no vaccine available for Coronavirus

Travel Tips CoronaVirus

What does this mean for travelers?

The travel industry has been hit extremely hard, major events have been canceled, attractions closed and travel restrictions between countries are unprecedented. 
Travelers may or may not be covered by travel insurance for Coronavirus related illness and hospitalisation. Most policies issued after Jan 23 will not cover you (check with your insurer) Most airlines, hotels and tour operators are doing their best to create reasonable refund policies. 
 If you are traveling, be prepared for delays and possible periods of quarantine
 Check your countries advice on traveling to certain regions

And if you have made it this far and still haven't figured out the only things you need to pack if you are traveling during this period is Common Sense and Good Hygiene.