How to Look Fresh After 15 Hours In-Flight

Let’s not sugarcoat it – 15 hours in-flight takes its toll. 

Between the altitude, the recycled air, and the body’s inner fumbling as it tries to figure out what day and time it is, lengthy travel can leave us feeling downright awful. 

While we might be Wonder Woman, we are not immune to the stress placed on the body as we hurl through the air across cities and seas. However, with all of that said, we can whip out some secret powers – ahem, water, supplements, magic tricks, and so forth – in order to feel and look fresh despite what we’ve just traveled through.

Let’s break it down into three simple categories important for us to keep in mind when high flying.

1. Hydrate

First and foremost, let’s not forget that the body needs water, and that all of this travel leaves us incredibly dehydrated. Bring a refillable water bottle for the flight (and remember to tuck it into your carry-on, not your checked luggage); fill it up before boarding so that you’re not relying on the beverage cart’s schedule to get your daily hydration fix. 

Quick tip: drink your water in small, frequent sips rather than in infrequent guzzles. This helps your cells to maximize absorption of the water you’re consuming and minimizes trips to the ever-so-lovely airplane facilities.

Now before we stop our hydration there, let us also remember we can directly quench the thirst of the body’s largest organ: the skin. For the long haul, it’s important to wipe away all make-up (you wouldn’t sleep with it on normally, right?) and then apply a hydrating moisturizer to the face, neck, and hands, too. 

Have you tried inflight masking? Inflight what?! I hear you say? 

Inflight masking is truly terrifying (yes, it’s a thing, and one that your skin will love you for). Consider this über nourishing (albeit slightly embarrassing) routine to be your secret magic trick when those picking you up at the other end ask you how you can possibly look so fresh.

2. Sleep

We know it can be hard, but it’s a good idea to put solid effort into catching some z’s. Take note of where you are heading and try to sync your body’s internal clock with that of your destination. Forget about where you came from – you’re not going that way.

Once you’ve wrapped your head around the time zone shift, consider the power of herbs to help you enter into a relaxed, sleep-conducive state. GlowJetter’s Sleep Formula can help you out. 

Cabin lights still glaring? No problem. A Velvet & Silk Sleep Mask will help you to tune out and adjust to your new sleep clock. Slumber on!

3. Refresh

When it’s time to get some in-flight computer work done, prepare for landing, or get ready to be greeted by the in-laws, refresh yourself to embody your personal best. A Rose Water face spray is a beautiful and simple pick-me-up whether mid- or post-flight. To help the body manage the stress that comes with travel, consider adaptogenic herbs to make you more resilient. 

Pic by @mrandmrsromance

Consider GlowJetter’s Energy Formula, a powerful blend of such herbs designed to alleviate the pressure placed on those precious adrenals during travel. 

@herbivorebotanicals face mist @playabeauty dry shampoo

Recycled airplane air not only disrupts the skin but also leaves the hair feeling a little (or very) lifeless and lackluster. Dry shampoo is a trusted ally after you disembark the plane. It will give you your hair’s oomph back while hiding oily roots.

While the elements we are up against during flight cannot be defeated, they can be managed. If we prioritize hydration, sleep, and refreshment of the tired body and mind, others can only wonder after our long day and night of travel – how can she (or he) look so good?