How to Fight Fatigue During Your Next Business Trip

Let’s face it. Flying takes a lot out of us. Even when we’re on route to the paradise of our pickings, it’s not uncommon that we arrive feeling totally unequipped to enjoy
piña coladas the way we had planned to.

Fighting the fatigue that comes with business travel is even harder. Not only do we have to soothe our uncomfortable, sleep-deprived bodies but we also have to get on schedule – and quickly. Our clients on this side of the ocean aren’t going to swap their clocks for the time zone we came from. We’ve got to get on theirs.

Luckily it’s not as hard as you might think to fight the fatigue that comes with flying. With a little bit of preparation, you won’t have to sweat your next business trip wondering how you’re going to manage three meetings on day one.

Whether you’re flying to a paradise island or to a concrete jungle on the other side of the pond (your body will clearly know it is NOT a pond), keep these simple tips and tricks in mind to help your body flow more effortlessly through your next trip.

Plan and prep healthy snacks

Food is your fuel, so fuel up wisely. Eating a heavy meal before or during flight is going to weigh you down, making you feel tired and sluggish. Avoid eating too much (or too many) of the heavily processed airplane meals by packing a small meal, like a quinoa salad, and having some healthy snacks on hand. Think protein bars and chopped veggies, but be wary of nut allergies (yes, still a thing).

Boost your body with energizing, adaptogenic herbs

Adaptogens help your body to combat stress, and no matter how much you might think you can avoid it, flying across time zones is going to put a load on your body that its not accustomed to – no matter how often you fly. Support your body’s ability to bounce back by fueling up with herbs and vitamins like the ones in this Energy Formula. Those little adrenal glands will thank you for helping to balance the hormones they’re pumping out.

Schedule in some quiet time around appointments

Getting through a business meeting or whatever you’ve got schedule for the day you arrive will be made a lot easier if you set aside some time pre or post appointment to just be. Make peace of mind a priority by scheduling in the occasional 15 minutes to put away your phone and planner and breathe, meditate, or simply stretch. This little reset will go a long way.

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Never underestimate the power of water, especially when flying.
Because airplanes pull in about half of circulating air from outside of the aircraft, and because there is essentially no moisture in the air at high altitudes, air travel is incredibly dehydrating. When the body doesn’t have enough water we end up feeling tired and sluggish, so fill up on the good stuff throughout the flight. Bring a water bottle and fill it up at the airport so you can keep the H20 flowing.

Catch some Zs.

I know, easier said than done, right? Well, maybe not.
There are lots of little tricks to help you sleep during flight, but one good place to start is by skipping the caffeine and easing the body instead with GlowJetter’s Sleep Formula. Keep the time zone of the place you’re heading to in mind. You’ll want to adjust as soon as possible, possibly even pre-boarding.

It’s not entirely impossible to get off your next flight feeling more human than not.
The better you get at planning for the time zone you’re heading to and at bringing along snacks and herbal supports to keep your body optimized, the better you’ll feel on the other end. So, bring on the next overseas business trip!