ASMR – My New Secret Weapon in the War Against Jet Lag

Catching some shuteye on-board is often presumed to be the greatest sleep issue related to travel. But while reaching a state of slumber mid-flight can prove to be a serious challenge (and comes with it’s own list of tips and tricks, our post-flight sleep routine also takes a serious hit. 

Let’s face it – the body isn’t always up for the drastic time zone switches. Whether we are hit with jet lag at the begging of a trip or upon our return home, it seriously gets in the way of whatever we need or wish to get done. Being unable to catch shuteye at the start of your vacation or the night before your boss expects you to be in full-form at Mondays morning meeting can be seriously stressful and incredibly frustrating.

This is how I found it. This is when I opened up to the incredible world of ASMR. Smack dab in the middle of a sleepless night post-flight. You may never have heard of it or maybe its intimidating name scared you away (try wrapping your head around Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), but in either case, you’ll probably want to check it out.

What is ASMR? Well, its long-form name basically stands for “a phenomenon that produces tingles.” Through audio or video recordings of specific unassuming noises like whispering, tapping, and brushing, the entire body (including the brain) is triggered to experience a tingling sensation. These tingles activate a state of relaxation in the body, perfect for those jet leg ridden nights. 

It all sounds so soothing, I know, so let me explain how to use it for optimum benefit.

Start with a sleep supplement to help assist the relaxation process.

Before crawling into bed, we can assist the process of rest and rejuvenation by supplementing the body with melatonin and other herbs that tell the body it's time to relax. This Sleep Formula contains a blend of melatonin, herbs, and magnesium to help bring on sleep. This initial step of self-nourishment goes a long way.

Cozy up in bed and take a few deep breaths into the belly.

Become aware of how much the mind is hating this feeling of being unable to sleep and then let it go by tuning into the breath (these thoughts really aren’t helping, but I do know how strong they can be). Breathing into the belly helps to activate the relaxation response, which reduces stress and anxiety and promotes sleep. Try it for a few breath rounds to really set the body up nicely for ASMR. 

Find an ASMR video on YouTube and plug in your headphones.

There are a ton of ASMR recordings on YouTube that can help your body to relax. The recorder of such quirky (and effective) videos will use a range of tingle-inducing techniques such as whispering quietly, ruffling various objects, or tapping hard surfaces with their fingernails. Tingles typically start in the scalp and then can travel the spine to the limbs. Exact responses vary from person to person but seriously, if you haven’t explored this little niche of sleep-inducing recordings, you’ll want to give it a shot. Hello Monday morning meeting, goodbye sleepless night.