3 Sustainable Travel Accessories That Are As Stylish As They Are Green

Traveling to new destinations, exploring new cultures, cities and customs is one of life’s great pleasures/luxuries (along with gooey french cheese, sheet masks and sleeping in)

So, it got us thinking that when we travel we often leave behind some of our good habits (mostly related to diet and alcohol intake) and we become more relaxed in our routines.One of the biggest negative impacts travelers can have on a community is the waste they leave behind. Even the most dedicated recyclers and re users can find themselves buying bottled water without thinking twice.

One of the biggest negative impacts travelers can have on a community is the waste they leave behind.

The key to being a happy traveler is being organized (there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to discover you have forgotten a strapless bra / your toothbrush or your contact lens case) so when planning and packing for your next vacation, take a minute to think about including some items in your luggage that will reduce your impact on the environment whilst you are traveling. It’s easier than you think. Here are three items we love that make us better, greener and more aware travelers.

Water Bottle

We all know that we should be drinking lots of water, especially after a long flight, however the trusty water bottle is often left behind when we turn on out “Out Of Office” notification.

Whilst traveling to developing countries can be tricky when it comes to finding clean drinking water there are options that will filter the water for you in your reusable bottle. Yes, you read that correctly.

The bottles can remove almost 99% of bacteria, minerals, germs and parasites found in fresh water (lakes, rivers, streams and out of the tap) Most can also be used for everyday use, so when you return from your vacation fish and revised you can pop it on your desk and wish you were still on vacation. There are lots of options around from downright functional to stylish so do some research on what works for you.

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Coffee Cup

In a perfect travel world, when traveling each and every coffee should be spent sitting in a charming cafe surrounded by rich aromas and the sounds of local life.

The reality is often quite different with a barely enough time for a quick take away coffee from a mega coffee chain. Millions of single use coffee cups end up in land fill every day and just because you re on vacation, isn't and excuse to not bring your reusable cup along for the journey.

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Digital Guide Book

Planning where to go, what to see and where to eat is an essential part of trip planning. There are so many resources that all us to have the perfect trip mapped out so we can visit that tiny Italian restaurant just off the Piazza, or that secluded beach or view the masterpieces in a gallery without the crowds. Guide Books are the “go to” for many travelers (although we have been known to plan an entire trip just using Instagram hashtags) and the days of buying a paperback guidebook and map are well and truly behind us with most travel guidebook companies producing digital guidebooks or even Apps. You get all the same great info as before, just in digital format (which we think is better anyways) so there is no need to load your bags up with heavy guidebooks and no need to worry about the impact that 700 page Europe Guide has on the environment.

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Sustainable Swimwear

Or Sustainable Fashion of any kind really but we figure if you are on vacation there is a high chance you are wearing a swimsuit. Sustainable Swimwear is literally garbage fished out of the ocean and repurposed into swimwear.

It sounds like magic (and it kind of is to be honest) but it's REAL and your next google search should be “sustainable swimwear”

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