10 Jet Lag Hacks That Actually Work

Jet lag – the bane of many a traveler.

You’re away from home, trying to sleep so you have energy tomorrow, but your eyes are wide open staring at the ceiling, so you grab your phone and start googling googling everything from "Jet Lag Cures" to "How do I get rid of Jet Lag at 3am"
It's frustrating.

Alternatively, you could be desperately trying to stay awake in a meeting when it’s only late afternoon and you are probably aren't doing a great job at stifling that giant yawn that is trying to escape you.

Here are 10 proven natural jet lag hacks that actually work so you can get back to sleep to hit the ground running in the morning, or if you are still in that afternoon meeting... keep your job.

Jet Lag hack #1
Find Some Food
– If you’re looking for energy, try some of the local cuisine. For best results, we recommend something with plenty of protein or carbohydrates – perhaps a pasta/rice dish with some form of protein and vegetables. Although it’s tempting, AVOID SUGAR (you’ll quickly crash and feel even worse!).

Jet Lag hack #2
Cat Nap
– While some will tell you to avoid napping at all costs, we think a short nap by the pool or while reading a book can be incredibly helpful. As long as you aren’t too comfortable and there’s no danger of sleeping for hours on end, you’ll have energy for the rest of the day. To prevent a disaster, make sure you set three (or 17!) alarms on your phone.

Our Energy & Sleep Formula is designed specifically to beat Jet Lag

Jet Lag hack #3
Try Adaptogenic Supplements
– Rather than taking sleeping pills before bed, why not choose a natural jet lag solution in adaptogens? Known as ‘super herbs’, the right supplements will boost the adrenal system and actually provide an element of calm in your new surroundings. Shop our range of Jet Lag Supplements here.

Jet Lag hack #4
Ground Yourself
– Stick with us here, many believe there’s a magnetic charge to earth (much like ourselves). After doing one of the most unnatural things possible, traveling 500mph thousands of feet above the surface, we’ll be disrupted at a cellular level. By walking through the grass with bare feet, doing some yoga, or just sitting on the grass, you can reconnect to earth’s frequency – this is a solution we love ourselves!

Jet Lag hack #5
Drink Water
– Short and sweet, water will ALWAYS be beneficial for our bodies. When we’re dehydrated, both our mood and energy levels are affected. By increasing your water intake, you’ll reverse these and hopefully stay awake with ease.

Jet Lag hack #6
– Simple, right? If you can’t go for a walk, why not do some energy-inducing yogic Sun Salutations? Additionally, you can boost the chakras with Wheels, Camels, Bridges, and other back-bending yoga techniques. If you’re reading this as a precaution before you travel, why not pack some running shoes and explore your home for the next few days or weeks?

Jet Lag hack #7
Soak in the Sun
– Without wearing sunglasses, we recommend spending some time outside and allowing the bright sun to hit your eyes (not directly, of course!).
You can combine this with walking in the grass, talking with the locals, and finding food.

Jet Lag hack #8
Do Something New
– Did you know that it’s possible to activate the mind and boost energetic brain chemistry by trying something completely new? Luckily, you’re in a different country so new experiences are aplenty.

Jet Lag hack #9
Just Breathe
– Finally, take some time to breathe with meditation techniques. For example, the Breath of Fire is known for encouraging energy. Just sitting upright for a few minutes can recuperate some energy and prevent the dreaded sleepy sensation.

Jet Lag hack #10
We wrote about ASMR for Jet Lag a while ago, you can check out the post here. What exactly is ASMR? ASMR, (aka: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) is practiced via audio or video recordings of specific unassuming noises like speaking softly or tapping on objects, the entire body (including the brain) is triggered to experience a tingling sensation.

These tingles activate a state of relaxation in the body, perfect for those jet leg ridden nights.